\St Perigrine

I had breakfast this morning with a Catholic priest. I’ve never done that before, and I didn’t know how to go about it. What do you do? Do you bang on the door and holler, “Hey Father, you in there? I don’t think so. Do you approach him after church as folks are queuing up to demand something of him? No, that’s awkward. A church-going buddy, suggested, “Call, text or email him and just tell him you want to meet at a time and place of his choice to chat with him about whatever is on your mind. He’s a guy just like you, and he may be happy to see you. Who knows? He will respond.” That seemed easy enough, but the phone was too personal. What if he said no? So, I emailed him, and he did respond.

Two days later, we met at the local diner for conversation and a leisure breakfast. We enjoyed a lively discussion about a lot of subjects, some deep, some spiritual, some just light-hearted banter. When I got to the issue I was seeking his advice about, his response amazed me. It took me back to a long-ago time, when another priest handled my inquiry similarly. De Juvie!

I went away with a new perspective, not only on my petty issue but on life itself! It went like this: When you find yourself struggling with a difficult problem, and you just can’t find the answer, stop, step away, look up to the Heavens and ask the Holy Spirit for help.  The answer will usually appear subtly at the time and place of God’s choosing. You may not even recognize it as coming from Above, but it will be there. My lesson for today was: “Let go and let God!”




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