My doctor diagnosed me with terminal lung cancer four years ago and gave me three to six months to live if I submitted myself to a rigorous regime of chemo and radiation. At the mid-point of my treatment, My doctor ordered an MRI to evaluate the progress of the chemotherapy regimen. After the MRI, I stopped by the hospital chapel to say a quick prayer. I was taken by a charcoal drawing on the wall. It appear to be a black and white rendering of Jesus’ face. it captured me because it seemed like Jesus’ eyes were piercing my very soul. I stared at His face and quietly said a prayer. I finished with, “Thanks for the last three months of life, Lord! It would sure be nice if I could stick around a little longer, my friend.”

I noticed the hint of a smile on Jesus’ lips, which I didn’t think was there when I came in. I snapped a photo of the monochrome picture hanging on the wall with my iPhone. When I pulled up the photo I had just taken, Jesus’ face was in full color. That gave me chicken skin, and I hurried home to share that with Elizabeth. Perhaps it was a sign that I was going to survive this cancer.

*** end ***

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