Jake Winston is a storyteller and a good one. His life’s adventures and the folks he encounters along the way are the basis for his stories. He populates his tales with scoundrels, the righteous and free spirits. Excitement, challenges, and solutions fill these exciting adventures. His books are fast moving page-turners that will make you laugh, cry, cheer, boo, and reflect on your own life.

Jake Winston grew up in Seattle Washington in the fifties. He attended St. Edward Seminary and finished his education at the University of Washington.  He started his career as a superintendent at Kaiser Engineers and moved on to run one of largest construction firms in the USA. He has traveled and worked all over the world building power plants, steel mills, marine facilities, refineries, paper mills and other heavy industrial facilities.

He loves the sea and boats, and as a licensed Alaska commercial fisherman, He’s fished the Bristol Bay salmon run and pulled crab pots in the Bearing Sea.

Today, Jake and his wife and soul mate of fifty years, Elizabeth, live in Hawaii. Jake keeps a hand in the construction business, but he’s more interested in writing, boating, good food, the beach, riding his bike, and time spent with family and friends.