HOME PAGE – Hawaii

HOME PAGE – Hawaii

Jake’s new book, Jake – The Prodigal Son is a light, sometimes hilarious, thoughtful and inspirational coming of age journey of a thirteen-year-old kid  through a Catholic seminary on his way to becoming  either a priest or a master builder. The ending is awesome. You will laugh, you will cry, you will get angry, and you will be amazed by the power of God, but you will enjoy every page.


A resourceful and rebellious teenager, intent on becoming a world-class builder, enters a Seminary to escape something and somebody. Despite his antics, the religious life wins him over. When a special girl comes into his life, he pleads with God for direction. Receiving none, he makes a difficult decision.






Power Plant


Jake goes on to achieve his dream. He become a world-class builder, but there is something in his past that haunts him. He must fix it or things will end badly for him.



2 thoughts on “HOME PAGE – Hawaii

  1. Joe you bugger I can’t put it down. Yes! you are a story teller, what a gift you have. Thanks for the gift, for sure I will order and pass on, Your friend. Dcn. Ernie


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